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Jørgen Hangel, who originally invented the patent pending tower concept, got the idea to the concept from his period as manager of a steel tower company, and his later ownership in a concrete element factory.
The patent application for the idea and concept was made in 2009, along with the forming of Conelto, in which the concept should be developed.

Potential customers in the wind business also initially liked the concept, but the general financial instability in the world made it difficult to raise capital for the realization of the concept. The company was therefore in the summer of 2011 sold to CJ Holding, who also owns the well known steel tower manufacturer Welcon A/S. This change in ownership gave the necessary financial outlook and contact to the market, enabling the Conelto tower to move forward with renewed strength. Jørgen Hangel is still an important keyperson in Conelto, now acting as Technical Manager, with responsibility of further developing the concept into production.


The organisation of Conelto is structured in a way that flexibility is highly prioritized. The result is that the decision making process is very short, enabling a fast reaction on the changing conditions on the market.


Owner structure:
Conelto is owned by CJ Holding, who is also the owner of Welcon A/S, being a market leader in tower fabrication with over 25 years of experience in the business. This long track record in the wind business industry, secures a high level of know-how and insight into the requirements of the customers. Conelto is located in the same facilities as Welcon, offering a high degree of synergy between the two companies.

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