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Tower concept

Advantages of the Conelto tower concept:

  • Higher towers

  • Lower tower costs

  • No need for surface treatment of maintenance

  • Can be easily disassembled and reused

  • Less fluctuating prices

  • Short time of delivery

  • Reduced stock bonding and capital binding

  • Flexible logistics

  • Scalable production and possible local presence

A unique tower design:

In addition to being simple, the tower is in many ways unique. Basically, the tower is built in modules, consisting of rings/elements with the same outer diameter. The elements are manufactured in high strength concrete.

The logistics:

The tower elements are transported on regular trucks, giving a high level of flexibility of transportation, reduces the need for special trailers and thereby a reduced cost of transportation is achieved.

Minimal stock bonding:

The modular design requires only few element types, which in combination fulfills the specific load requirements for the different wind turbines. As such, the modules can be used for a variety of customers, also enabling a shorter time of delivery.

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